Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Keygen 26.08.2013

A new keygen for Cubase 6 is being in development at the moment.(15.08.2013). The previous keygen was patched a week ago, so we put the link down since the software doesn't work anymore.

We've been getting a lot of requests from our readers to make a new one, so the team has abandoned other projects to focus on this one.

And please stop asking a new keygen  for Sandboxed. Our team has decided not to continue on this project since one of our members lost his source code for this one.

Stay tuned.
- Skyrowz Team

Update 26.08.2013 

A new keygen has been released. This keygen require an internet connection because its connecting to our FTP server to grab the new serials for Cubase 6.

Net Framework 4.5


1. Scroll down and download the file
2. Follow the instructions on README
3. Click on the "Update Serial" to grab new serials from our server
4. Click on  "Generate Serial" to generate new serials

Note: You can only click on "Update Serial" once. You'll have to exit the program and re-open it to update new serials when you click on "Update Serial".



- Skyrowz Team